Parenting & Relationship Education

Parenting and Relationship Education

Parenting Education: The Elizabeth House is a wrap-around program that provides integrated parenting education as a a part of daily life as young mothers interact with staff and volunteers.

Love Notes instructs young adult parents how to have a healthy relationship. The program is designed to stop the type of relationship instability that is so often responsible for derailing the lives and progress of young single mothers and their children, who too often are at risk of becoming victims of abuse through their parents’ negative relationships.

“I cannot say enough about how much I have learned about parenting, child development and how I can help my son, William*, develop best. And I am delighted to be affirmed by (a staff person), who told me I am a great mom.”

Former Resident of The Elizabeth House

Please call us at (608) 259-1605 ext. 205 to inquire about openings in our program, and to begin the application process.

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