LifeWise For Educators

Care Net can provide your school or youth group with:

Healthy Relationships and Sexual Decision Making Education Program

Do your teens need a SAFER SEXUAL SCRIPT TO FOLLOW? Care Net’s LifeWise program empowers them with the skills they need to say “no” to sexual activity (and other unwanted behaviors such as drugs and alcohol). We empower teens with the knowledge that they are valuable and worthwhile people and encourage them to pursue their goals for their future. Care Net comes alongside schools, churches, and other youth-serving organizations to provide a program designed to help youth delay sex.

  • LifeWise offers a multiple lesson curriculum that includes the following:
    • creating future goals and plans
    • media influence
    • choices and consequences (includes discussion of STIs and teen pregnancy appropriate for both boys and girls)
    • choosing friends and building healthy relationships
    • boundaries and refusal skills
  • We also offer Refusal Skills curriculum that equips students with strategies and practice for saying “no” in pressure situations
  • Interactive games, activities, written exercises, and true stories keep students engaged throughout the classes
  • “Parent Pages” at the end of each chapter encourage open communication about sexual attitudes and choices between teens and their parents
  •  Classes are offered free of charge, and trained educators will teach based on your schedule

STI education

Are you interested in having medical personnel present an STD/STI PowerPoint program in your classroom? Just 50 minutes could change a heart and mind towards postponing sexual activity. Care Net’s “fact-based” presentation makes students aware of the risks associated with sexual activity. The knowledge gained by students after viewing this presentation will help them make fully informed choices regarding their sexual health. Our medical presenters include discussion about risk reduction with an emphasis on risk elimination through abstinence until marriage.

To talk about getting either of these free programs for your students or teens call 608-259-1606.